Saturday, February 24, 2007

Critter blogging

It's been a while since critters made the page....

First, the non-domestic. (Taken at the Milwaukee Zoo)

A lioness sharpening her claws. I loved that it was such a familiar thing to me, and to anyone who has cats. Evolution's only a theory my ass!!!!

This lion was waiting for his lunch. I was experimenting with framing, and loved how this turned out.

A tiger expresses his feelings about Bush.... Actually, his cage mate just marked that tree with urine, and this facial expression exposes extra receptors to catch the chemical signal. (Boring, I know....)

Emma (the one on the right) had a friend stay for the weekend while her owners were out of town. Remy (the Rottweiler) was a good guest, except for eating the cat food. They had a lot of fun playing chase and tug-of-war.

After a long day of painting, the animals all come snuggle. ALL of them. Daxter (orange and white) prefers my chest, while Addie (tortie) takes my lap and Charlie (black) cuddles next to me and her Emma. They were VERY warm!

Daxter prefers to sleep in boxes. If he's not on my chest. He was thrilled when I bought a new pair of shoes.