Tuesday, October 31, 2006

We're ba-ack....

Finally finished moving. Well, not really. There's some stuff yet in the apartment, and it needs cleaned, but the major stuff is done. Which is why I have a few minutes to pound out a long overdue blog entry....

Firstly, I love our house. It has its flaws, and there's more than a few of them -- for instance, washing your hands after flushing the toilet is difficult because the water pressure is virtually nonexistent -- but I love it anyway. It's ours, and it's big, and the critters have settled in quite nicely.

Secondly, I hate moving. KarateMonkey and I almost had a fight while moving, which tells you how stressed out we were. (Usually he's too laid back to fight, and it's no fun when you're the only one getting pissed off...)

Thirdly, we have nice neighbors. One of whom has a lovely Irish accent, so hopefully he comes over to chat a lot. I bet he also has good taste in beer.

That is all.

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