Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Jail for Judges

So, I'm driving into work this moring and I hear this.

South Dakotans will vote next month on a proposed state constitutional amendment
that would strip judges, jurors, and other state officials, of their immunity
from lawsuits for their official actions.
What the hell is wrong with South Dakota? Here's the way this works. If you have a problem with a judicial decision in South Dakota, once all appeals are done you can request a special grand jury made up of 13 citizens determined by lottery. They'll review the case "All allegations in the complaint shall be liberally construed in favor of the complainant" and determine whether the judge(s) in the case can be sued or even go ahead and indict them. The proponents argue that it's needed to prevent judicial corruption, and ensure that judges follow the law. Opponents point out that you can convince 7 out of 13 random citizens of pretty crazy shit. I can only begin to imagine what lengths crazy people will with too much money will take this. Judges aren't the only ones in trouble under the law. Anybody protected by judicial immunity can be sued for acts done in an official capacity. School board member, county commissioners, jurors, prosecutors, defense attorneies could all get in on the action too. Bill Stegmeier, the guy behind the move is apparently a 9/11 conspiracy nut and an income tax resister. So we know he already has some interesting ideas about how this is going to be applied. And the scary part is that accoring to one early poll the amendment was narrowly winning.

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If this law passes the Slave Freedom/ Mark of The Beast Class Action Law Suit will no longer be held up by evil child molesting judges.

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