Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Marine Letter From Home

Time recently published excerpts from a Marine's letter to the folks at home. He asked to remain anonymous, but the full letter is available here. Go read it -- I'll wait.

Okay. I just have to say that this guy is smart, observant, and proud as hell of his troops. I'm so glad to know that there are men and women like him in Iraq. Seems like all we hear about is the assholes torturing prisoners for fun and profit, so this is a nice change.

But I find my softie self wanting to just fly over there and hug all of them, 120 degree heat or not. The frustration and depression and stress evident in the letter just breaks my heart. What the hell are we doing over there????? Just one more thing Bush has to answer for.

UPDATE: Doonesbury has started a military weblog called The Sandbox. It's not intended to be political, just a venting spot for military life on both sides. For us non-military folks, it's an interesting look at life in the armed forces. Check it out.

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