Friday, October 13, 2006

Trash TV and Feminism

One of my guilty pleasures is trash TV. Mostly Maury lie detectors and paternity tests, but occasionally Cheaters as well. I know, I know. Just encouraging the exploitation of these poor people, but the schaudefreude is just irresistable. Today, though, was really depressing. Why?

Today's Maury was lie detector tests. You know, I think my man (it was all men today) is cheating on me, and I want the lie detector to prove/disprove it.

1) The first couple was married, but even his mother was accusing him of cheating. Apparently at one point he claimed some girl his wife caught him with was a cousin, which his mom immediately contradicted. I'm not sure WHY she needed a lie detector test at this point, but there it was.

2) Couple number two was a blind woman and her fiance. She had been on the show several months earlier because she suspected him of cheating, stealing from her, AND stealing from her daughter. All those things were confirmed by the lie detector. So he proposed and she accepted. (That was a bit of a disconnect for me....) Now she thought he was cheating again. His trip to WalMart turned into a 4 hour excursion, with 2 flat tires, etc.... Lie detector today said he was cheating, too. The best part of this one was when she beat him with the dozen roses he brought for her, and returned the ring. The worst part was when they showed her backstage taking it back.

3) Couple number three was a woman who worked nights while her boyfriend stayed home with their infant daughter. One night she came home early, and found baby asleep in her car seat in the hall. Bf wouldn't let her in the bedroom for a while, and when he did, his pants were up but unzipped. She looked around and found a woman hiding in her garage!!!!! Yet she still needed a lie detector test to prove that yes, he too was cheating. This guy tried to propose before the results were read. He too was beaten with the flowers he brought her.

4) Last couple: on the show in the past, girlfriend had suspected boyfriend of cheating. One night he came home super late and she noticed a "stain" around his dick. (She kept calling him "ring-around-the-[bleep] Reggie!) He claimed he had been eating a powdered donut and then went to the bathroom. Lie detector said no at that time. Same thing was happening again, only this time he claimed it was either parmesan cheese or baby powder. Needless to say, he was lying again.

This whole thing just depressed me to no end, I think because almost all these women were "repeat offenders". The ones who weren't had what I would take to be sufficient proof to dump these jackasses without needing to go on national TV. So why the uncertainty? Why did these women accept excuses like the parmesan cheese thing??? If there's a woman hiding in your garage, something is going on!!!

All I can come up with is that they don't think they can make it on their own, and so they want to believe. I understand wanting to believe. But good grief.... Just goes to show that feminism hasn't accomplished all we could wish, I guess.


Blue Gal said...

I have to say I think this has very little to do with feminism and everything to do with stupid.

The stupidest thing these people could do they did. They appeared on Maury Povich. What is it that makes people think being on television is an accomplishment?

Hilarious re-cap though. You have a gift. Found you through konagod.

Redsonja said...

I think the reason I linked it in my mind to feminism was that the only reason I could think of that these women would choose to stay with these men was that they thought the couldn't make it on their own, or that they needed a man.

That said, that may be more a loneliness issue, or a poor role model issue, than a feminist one.

Thank you so much for the kind words, though! You made my day!!

Anonymous said...

allow me to point out that both of you up there are right and exactly on the same page by providing this
simple formula:
feminism = stupid
see everybody is happy!
jeez,you people have no better source than that idiot maury to get
your "dose" of culture or even entertainment? I mean how pathetic can ya'll be to let trash tv be the judge of how far the "dumb" feminism had gone?this is a low life low value tv show soaked in vaginal discharge and meant to be watched by uneducated,unemployed,
welfare reliant females so they can live and breath among us as a living example of the complete feminization of this country.out of the barrage of tv shows,songs,
books and articles all of which are aimed at ridiculing and undermining the men in this country
you found it"depressing"that those
COWS on maury didn't have enough
"confidence" to appear as the
"superior" sex who can just slap their sorry men on the face and walk away!you couldn't get your daily fix of "self esteem" and unearned sense of superiority by watching yet another man being humiliated by a woman who's as much of a loser as he is! you people are what's wrong with this country today.