Friday, October 06, 2006

Boob tube goodness, nostalgia edition

So I queued up He-Man on Netflix. I have so many fond memories of that show!! I had all sorts of figures, as well as a vehicle or two and the castle. And the animals, of course.

So we pop in the disc last night, and are almost immediately laughing helplessly at the show. How could I have forgotten that EVERY SINGLE LINE of He-Man's dialogue was echoed???? And that "fabulous" secrets were revealed? That one had me laughing every single time he said it for like three episodes.

And the morals!!! Ohmigod. I STILL can't stop laughing. Which sucks because it makes me cough.

So we won't be buying this series, but I'm glad I queued it up. I'll probably grab the best of disc at some point.

Next disc: She-Ra!!


Marked Hoosier said...

Shakes said to stop by and say Hi, so HI! :)

Redsonja said...

Hi yourself! Thanks for stopping by!! :-)