Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Boob tube goodness

So I'm a bit of a TV junkie. Embarassing to admit, but there it is. And a new season of mind-numbing goodness has begun!!!

(Possible spoilers ahead for Heroes, Lost, and Veronica Mars)

Firstly, Lost. Actually, we don't watch Lost anymore. Why? They made all my favorite characters unlikable AND unbelievable last season. They could stay on the damn island for the rest of their lives for all I care!

But larger than that was the feeling I got that they were just winging it as far as the plot goes. I know, I know, supposedly they have the whole thing mapped out, but it's just too --- something. Too many coincidences, too much about the numbers - it's like they were trying to make crack for people who like to feel like "insiders", who know all the interconnectednesses of the characters and the incidents and all that crap.

Which leads me to Heroes. Second episode was last night, and I enjoyed it. I LOVED the pilot. But I'm concerned the same thing may happen. We are finding levels of connection (screen saver of comic book cover is same comic child is reading is same comic written about the future) that make me worry.

And they are choosing to make the story feel good, rather than good. Right after the episode ended, I turned to hubby and said "I'm so glad the other brother can fly, too! I would have been so sad if he couldn't. It would have been a better story, but I would have been sad." I think that will sum it up.

That said, I still have high hopes. Can't wait to see where they go with the cheerleader, and the stripper with her kid.

And finally, Veronica Mars. If you haven't seen this show, run, don't walk, to pick it up!!!! It's smart and funny and sweet and has an edge that I've never seen in a show about high school. It's brought me to tears, both laughing and crying. And it actually has something to say about class warfare and inequality, things I would not have been able to conceptualize easily on my own.

And it starts again tonight!!!! [happy dance] Season three. Veronica goes to college, but not before we find out the deal with her dad standing her up at the gate for the plane. I can't wait!!!


KarateMonkey said...

You always forget Battlestar Galactica.

Redsonja said...

That's because Battlestar Galactica is not MY boobtube goodness, it's yours. You can write your own damn post about it if you want.


Ken Houghton said...

After one episode, did you really expect to be hoping that the incompetent PI actually does a good job for only the second time in the series? (The first being the Mexico-baby episode.)