Sunday, September 24, 2006

Baby steps

So it begins.

I'm a blog addict. I've been getting my fix vicariously for a while, but am realizing that rather than dumping everything I have to say on someone else's blog, I should just start my own damn one. I suspect they will appreciate this....

So. Expect many posts on politics. Many on my personal life as well. My hubby may make an appearance from time to time, perhaps more frequently. I will blog about my work, my dog and cats, my theories on life, and how much the latest M. Night Shymalan movie sucked. (I'm fairly certain that will remain constant, no matter how many movies he makes.)

Hopefully, I will amuse, entertain, or even just make you think. If not, at least hit the links at the side. They're my favs.

1 comment:

maurinsky said...

Yay! I've always enjoyed your comments over at Shakespeare's Sister - glad you have your own blog now.