Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Diebold machines and the hackers who love them

An older story, but one that bears repeating, espeically as election day approaches.

Princeton's Center for Information Technology Policy recently published a study of the Diebold voting machines. Their findings: they can be hacked fairly easily, with no way to distinguish between compromised and secure machines. One affected machine can spread the hack to other machines. And to address some of these issues would require not just new software, but new hardware.

This is depressing beyond belief. What the hell kind of a democracy can't get the fucking voting right??? And we're supposed to be spreading democracy?!

So, talk to your local board of elections. Find out what voting method you'll be using. And if it's Diebold, make sure the officials know just how crappy they are. Make a stink. Write the paper. Contact the local news. If there's enough stink, there may be time to make a change.

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